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ZIKZAK studio | Parimatch Tech

Parimatch Tech, an international product company that develops technological and marketing solutions in the games and entertainment industry for the Parimatch brand, has opened a new office space in Kyiv that functions as a corporate coworking space and is designed by the ZIKZAK team.


Designer: ZIKZAK studio

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko

“The unique idea was to create a space in the new realities of the office and business environment that would combine the interior associated with business travel and leisure. To achieve this goal, we requested the use of standards in planning the spaces of hotel lobbies and business class lounges at airports. We also wanted to create optimal functionality that would allow us to utilize space as much as possible, combining all the latest trends in the planning of commercial objects. In our space, you can hold a meeting and work in a lounge format, near a high table, in an open area for collaboration in a classic format. Flexibility and versatility in everything - this is just about the unique space of Parimatch Tech."

Elena Dykanyuk, Administrative Director of Parimatch


The dark and warm color palette chosen by the designers creates a sophisticated, laconic and at the same time cozy environment.

The deep work area with sound absorbing panels and other acoustic solutions allows maximum focus on analytical and other tasks requiring deep concentration … Also, visitors to corporate coworking can easily hold negotiations or a ZOOM conference in a small phone booth.

At the entrance, everyone is greeted by a wall-waterfall: a symbol of the transience of time and the living energy of the world.


The location itself is divided into several zones:

  • reception area;

  • area for assistants;

  • lounge zone with a collaboration area;

  • multifunctional office for confidential and meetings with VIP partners;

  • transforming meeting room;

  • deep work zone;

  • food zone;

  • terrace overlooking the Dnieper and the left bank of Kyiv.


“The Parimatch Tech project is unique in its kind, combining the latest trends in office design, creating a truly comfortable atmosphere for work and communication. Each zone of this space is thought out and designed to the smallest detail so that it is equally comfortable to work and hold meetings in it."

Lilia Tsymbal, architect of ZIKZAK studio.

A cozy terrace with tables and soft sofas is perfect for relaxing after productive work and holding corporate events.

Space is located in the heart of the capital, in the Summit business center, which offers a delightful view of the Dnieper. It was the location of the building that inspired the customer and specialists to create a new space.


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