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Masquespacio presents Danzas Studios

Masquespacio presents its last project for Danzas Studios, a serie of holiday apartments in Valencia.


Designer: Masquespacio

Photographer: Luis Beltran

The project for Danzas Studios takes its name from the street in the old town of Valencia where the apartments are located. From the beginning the aim was to create interiors that could make the guests live the authentic Mediterranean style, highlighting Valencia’s interpretation.

Thus, for the design there was a clear research to use common materials from the Mediterranean, most of them produced locally like the terracotta visible on the floors, some benches and headboards; while lattice bricks are another material used to divide the space or simply build part of the living room tables. Another recognizable material from the Mediterranean is trencadis, here represented in the kitchen and on some headboards.

To avoid that the identity of the space would end up with a rustic and too traditional look, Masquespacio although incorporated a range of decorative elements and materials that break with the conventional aspect like the silver curtain used in the kitchen and the tube lamps on the wall. Another aesthetic that stands out are the organic forms on walls and artworks also created by the Valencian design studio for the project, being a clear reference to the contemporary Mediterranean style.

Last but not least, through the use of curtains and upholstery with an earth tone color palette the aim was to create a touch of warmth for the space, while the apartments were also decorated with different objects and furniture from the Mas Creations collections designed by Masquespacio like the ‘Cono’ flower pots and the U chairs from the living rooms, next to a range of additional articles, like lights and chairs custom-made in ceramic and wood, directly produced at the studio’s workshop.


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