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If you are a designer, architect, visual merchandiser or simply have a passion for design, please feel free to submit your project. At Gigantic Forehead we are passionate about design, and would like you to submit on our blog to bring and inspire other designers together. By submitting your projects you will have great publicity and form a wider network.


How to submit in projects:


Send your projects to: 

Subject of the email: content submission – <name of the project> <name of designer or designer office>


Please begin the email with this information:

Name of the project:
Location of the project (city/country at places):
Category on Gigantic Forehead:
Name of contact person:
Email of contact person:
Name of designer or designer office:
Link of designer or designer office website:
Designer or designer office based in (country):

Name of client: 

The material that we need for publishing your project:


Project Info:
A short project description in English (as attachment in a word document)


– We need high resolution photos
– The width of the photos should be not less than 900 pixels
– Landscape layout is preferred. Even if your images are upright, there should be at least one photo with landscape layout
– You can send them as email attachment, if they are too big for 1 email, please use dropbox.


We will get back to you ASAP.


Thank you,


Gigantic Forehead Team