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DesignLSM unveils visionary interiors for Sam's Waterside

Multi award-winning design firm, DesignLSM, is thrilled to announce the grand unveiling of one of their latest projects, Sam's Waterside in Brentford. The new 140-cover restaurant and terrace is a sister site to the well-respected Sam’s Riverside in Hammersmith, designed by the agency in 2019, with the interior design embodying an evolution of the original much-loved concept. Through this ongoing partnership with clients Sam Harrison and Fanny Stocker, DesignLSM have been integral to developing the brand’s DNA, having also designed an interior concept for Sam’s Kitchen and Sam’s Larder retail outlets (in Hammersmith, Chiswick, and Brentford).


Designer: DesignLSM

Photographer: Stevie Campbell

Nestled on the ground floor with a captivating view of the River Brent, Sam's Waterside sits alongside Sam's Larder, solidifying a commitment to strengthening ties with the local community. Seamlessly merging the timeless charm of the Hammersmith restaurant with the distinctive character of Brentford, a vibrant neighbourhood dining destination has been delivered that exudes warmth, conviviality, and a heartfelt welcome.


The interior design itself is richly inspired by the locality, a dichotomy of rich history and urban regeneration. Influenced by the juxtaposition, where old meets news, the concept celebrates the backdrop of the historical industrial architecture, with the imprint of the new contemporary Brentford development that is set to regenerate the community.


Beautiful design features, taken from the original concept, were integrated into the scheme, such as the blush pink and ivory leather dining seats and the bespoke large art deco-inspired pendant lights which create defined ceiling statements. Seamlessly blended with these elements is a new slightly more industrial aesthetic, where intentionally oxidized corten steel, raw concrete tones, and rough plaster all creatively used in the finishes and framework, as a nod to the manufacturing history of the locality.


Taking center stage, the island bar creates an energetic focal point, where guests can sit and enjoy their meal, offering engaging moments with the delightful team that Sam’s is so well regarded for. The bar front, lined with a warm stained ash wood, is tastefully offset with a sophisticated counter made from arabascato marble, whilst a brass and opal tiered gantry elegantly suspends from the ceiling and the bespoke geometric floor apron frames the central feature.


The kitchen pass is highlighted by a curated frame of antique mirror and corten steel with the open kitchen offering an exciting glimpse of the culinary action behind the scenes.


Strategically positioning the rich teal velvet banquette seating to provide guests with the calming sightlines of the stunning natural waterside, the space fully opens along two sides with bi-folding doors, enabling a strong connection with the River Brent and the local community.


Layering the design, delicate details and refined elements artfully soften the space, helping to cultivate a sophisticated urban ambience. Curated dried flower arrangements are suspended above the pendants, whilst carrying forward the restaurant's artistic legacy, a beautifully commissioned painting by renowned West London artist, Tomo Campbell, delivers a specular masterpiece with colourful muted tones, bringing an elegant yet contemporary touch.


DesignLSM's involvement in Sam's Waterside is a testament to its commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend tradition and modernity, working in collaboration with QS consultant PSE Associates and fit-out contractor Nexus. The design reflects Brentford's rich history and the promise of urban regeneration, offering patrons a warm and inviting environment that pays homage to its roots while embracing the future.


Holly Hallam, Managing Director of DesignLSM says: “It’s been incredible watching the Sam’s portfolio grow and joining them on this exciting journey. As we proudly deliver a refreshing new energy to the brand’s DNA and an evolved aesthetic into the Brentford site, we know the Sam’s team will make their mark on this up-and-coming destination and welcome a whole new audience to their vastly loved and respected brand.”


Sam Harrison, Founder of Sam’s Riverside, says: “Fanny and I have loved working with the DesignLSM team on our previous sites as we have always been on the same page when it comes to the look and feel we were working towards. Sam’s Waterside is no exception. The space not only has to look beautiful, but it also must flow perfectly during a busy service. DesignLSM know exactly how to achieve this balance and we are thrilled with how our new space turned out. The team and I are now looking forward to sharing this beautiful restaurant with the wider Brentford community and hope it will be embraced in much the same way as our restaurant in Hammersmith has.”


Sam’s Waterside is now opening for bookings:


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