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MASONPRINCE Shenzhen Office by TOMO

MASONPRINCE (MP) and TOMO collaborated to create a unique and memorable brand experience by designing the new MP office in Shenzhen. The objective was to challenge traditional online brand concepts and break away from mainstream frameworks. By incorporating the design approaches of contrast, diversity, and extension, the team aimed to create a diverse experience that truly embodied the retro essence of MP.


Client: Masonprince



Retro classics and futuristic elements interweave

to showcase the rebellious essence of the fashion brand through space design,

creating an ever-evolving aesthetic experience.

MASONPRINCE is a fashion brand based in Shenzhen, China. The brand believes in the idea of a "classless fashion collectivity" and promotes fashion freedom for the younger generation. It aims to use Chinese design to break the loop of fashion originating from youth culture but being confined to the mainstream and retailing system.

MASONPRINCE (MP) and TOMO collaborated to create a unique and memorable brand experience by designing the new MP office in Shenzhen. The objective was to challenge traditional online brand concepts and break away from mainstream frameworks. By incorporating the design approaches of contrast, diversity, and extension, the team aimed to create a diverse experience that truly embodied the retro essence of MP.

The design process can be compared to a sophisticated computing program that analyzes all possibilities. By incorporating the MP brand philosophy, the design team was able to reshape the boundaries of time and space, reality and virtuality, retro and future. This design method leads to an endless loop of blurred fusion of these elements.

The designer skillfully employed a lens sense aesthetics to recreate the retro contrast in this classic office space. By balancing the relativity of multiple scenes, the design showcases the captivating allure of both retro and futuristic elements, all implied in the essence of MASONPRINCE.

Infinite Possibilities - Elevator Hall

The elevator hall is the first attractive visual focus which features hanging decorations that can be altered to showcase different materials and monograms. It offers a wide variety of textures, including wood, fabric, stone, and metal. The current monogram "MASONPRINCE" can be substituted with other brand names, opening up endless possibilities for the space and giving it an ever-lasting vibrancy.

Brand Visual Identification - Main Entrance

The entrance of the building showcases classic architectural elements, such as exposed concrete walls and ceiling beams, that define a retro ambiance. TOMO aimed to incorporate these classic elements to evoke a sense of nostalgia. This versatile space has the potential to serve as an office, showroom, or art gallery, with even more potential functions in the future.

The interplay between the rough walls and the smooth leather sofa creates a striking contrast. The large-scale glass windows, exposed external units of the electric door, and exquisitely crafted metal parts seem to transcend reality in the dim light, implying the uncertainty of the deconstructed future.

The concrete wall with the concave VI symbol of SANMU exudes an aura of strength and permanence when illuminated, serving as a symbol of timeless and classic style.

The octagonal pavilion serves as the central hub for the reception, coffee bar, and refrigeration, while also embodying the essence of the office as a spiritual stronghold.

It was a unique and original creation of TOMO based on the characteristics of MP. When the automatic foldable board spreads out, it creates a seamless horizontal connection that promotes open communication, reinforcing the harmonious coexistence between futuristic fine craftsmanship and real-world functionality. The design intention and intricate details were taken into account to ensure versatility and adaptability for future use.

The octagonal pavilion boasts a stunning blend of materials. The metal envelope creates a striking contrast against the burl wood grain piano finish, allowing one to truly appreciate the unexpected fashion art that goes beyond everyday experiences. It also perfectly exemplifies the brand's relentless pursuit of unconventional innovation.

The metal display racks take inspiration from the screen of classic architecture and repurpose it with new features and meanings.

When the boards on the racks are tilted at a specific angle, they can hold magazines and books, and display the brand's fashion apparel, shoes, bags, as well as artwork and other items. This flexible and relaxed display showcases the brand's identity and personality.

The futuristic metallic luster blends exquisitely with the medieval-style furniture, creating a beautiful harmony of contrasts.

The precisely symmetrical layout combined with an array of classic burl-wood-grained cabinets constitutes a futuristic backdrop that seamlessly integrates with the various retro elements.

The artistic carpet lying at the center of the space resembles a runway that transcends both time and space. It allows the office to transform into a fashion show venue, freeing itself from the confines of a workspace. The lens sense aesthetics are skillfully applied, presenting the rebellious fashion essence of MASONPRINCE from a different perspective.

The clever use of high-elevated lamps and low-level desks and chairs creates three-dimensional layers, drawing attention to the key elements of the space and accentuating the classic lifestyle.

The combination of burl wood and metal evokes retro-futuristic vibes with natural textures adding a touch of relaxation and the brand's soul to the space.

Principal Designer Office

The office of the Principal Designer extends the classic architectural elements. The suspended block is supported by a large metal framework, while the curved glass adds a touch of lightness and shapes the texture of the open area, further enhancing the metal texture of the refined retro furniture in the office.

The space features a unique combination of artistic wood grain material, lines, and particles, resulting in a harmonious blend of classic and innovative elements in a truly avant-garde fashion.

The three steps in the staircase have anti-slip icons on them which represent the three brothers who own the brand. Each icon depicts the given name of a respective brother. This design not only adds a symbolic touch to the space but also subtly reflects the owners' spiritual beliefs through the design details.

Fashion Wardrobe

A cozy and modern living room area has been created in one corner of the office by blending the beautiful city landscape with the raw and classic concrete wall. The modular storage cabinets have been thoughtfully designed using high-quality branded furniture. Additionally, an extra-long white photography paper roll backdrop has been unfolded, making the space easily convertible into a shooting venue whenever required.

The warm-colored fur carpet adds a cozy touch to the conversation area, where sofas of various leathers and colors are combined with high and low lamps to create a sense of depth in the room.

The building exterior can be vaguely seen through shutters, offering a dynamic transition between classic and fantasy elements. The modular storage system maintains an industrial order and connects the possibility of artistic conception and practical function in the shifts between day and night.

Classic designs from the 1950s and 1960s narrate aesthetic stories that transcend time in this office.

Classic materials extend the strong sense of array to construct both future and retro compositions and layers, interconnecting through the undefined spaces.

The iconic retro components integrate with futuristic fashion, resulting in a sense of dislocation caused by the interweaving changes of time and space.

The products developed by TOMO are showcased in various positions around the office. These products combine the unique language and cultural meaning of MP. The portal frames, which are made up of intricately designed components, stand out against the large concrete setting, highlighting the visible and tangible details of the space.

The countertops have unique forceful patterns and the light fixtures are specially crafted, reflecting TOMO's innovative design philosophy that aligns with the rebellious spirit of MP.

The ceiling lighting design gradually brightens the space, resembling a starry night sky.

By seamlessly blending two different spatial concepts, the small negotiation room combines the spatial prototype of an elevator cabin with an entrance ceremony upon opening the elevator door.

The curved ceiling's design was inspired by early aircraft cabins, which were covered with wooden patterns. The retro elevator cabin and the futuristic aircraft cabin were fused to create a space that symbolized a playful pun. This creative design approach added a new and innovative imagination to the brand.

Principal Executive Office

The Principal Executive Office is situated in the back area. While it serves different functions compared to the front office, it still maintains a consistent design approach. The suspended volume, curved glass, wooden texture, and VI design on the steps all contribute to an overall unified look.

In the conference room with a concrete texture, the glass conference table and medieval office chairs exude a rational and calm atmosphere, while the green carpets add warmth to the space.

Designers maintained the general tone of the entire space while skillfully incorporating exquisite details to create distinctive atmospheres in each functional space.

By continuously exploring, creating, and reshaping, TOMO showcased MASONPRINCE's core values through avant-garde experimental design language in the office.

TOMO utilized lens sense aesthetics to deconstruct the notion of office space and transform it into a fashion show field that perfectly embodies the brand's unique style. The venue reflects a blend of classic retro and futuristic design principles, while infused with a classless open culture of the new generation that values relaxation and freedom.


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