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Zhejiang Private Penthouse: The Gentle Hurricane by YuQiang & Partners, EK Design

For a female property owner who honors freedom and sharing and pursues art and fashion, private resort residence needs to be elegant and serene, generating richness and a sense of belonging. Being sensitive to the property owner's inner appeal and expectation, the designer also faces difficulty in restructuring. The project is an area of 650 square meters, which is a large floor flat formed through knocking two apartments. The fundamental space layout is fragmented, scattered, awkward, and too rigid and tedious. The space is divided symmetrically by four pillars, leading to lack of flow in the interior.


Designer: YuQiang & Partners / EK Design

Photographer: Zhu Di @ SHADØO PLAY

Taking into full consideration of functions and environmental protection, the designer did not reorganize structure of the apartment, but divided the functional layout of the space by means of deconstructionism while proceeding from the perspective of creativity and art. Through asymmetric, three-dimensional and curving forms of layout and through rebuilding of structure, light and shadow, and artworks, the space is extended and reshaped, allowing it to become a private space that combines multiple functions of a private resort, such as reception of guests and gathering, exchanges and entertainment.

1. Entrance lobby

The broad and bright entrance lobby is like an art gallery basking in natural light. The original artwork on the wooden wall is the million-yuan-worth 3D artwork by the surrealism artist Patrick Hughes, displaying charm and fun of both graphic arts and three-dimensional sculpture. The lively wood paint sculpture by artist Jacky Tsai combines traditional Oriental implication and Western pop color.

The spiral staircase in the entrance lobby contains both sense of sculpture and visual impact: the gorgeous and smooth line and the light dripped through the impluvium being smudged and diffused through the wired glass have injected great vitality into the originally low and dark entrance lobby. The 6-meter-high Bocci glass artwork is like vine extending from the impluvium to the entrance lobby, full of vigor and sense of layers.