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Tianya Books: Bookstore at the End of the Earth

Wutopia Lab's Tianya Books for Sanya Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area was officially opened in June 2021. Once regarded as the end of land in China, Tianya Haijiao is now not only a famous scenic spot, but also the most famous wedding photography and confession spot in South China. Therefore, there is no reason for the Tianya Books, located in a scenic spot, to be a bookstore that let people feel homesick and lonely. Tianya Books should be an ode to those naturally optimistic Chinese people who, in good times and bad, can transform remote and culturally unfamiliar places such as the Cape and the End of the World from conceptions to reality into positive and even romantic paradises on earth.

"In that deep blue, feel the sad loneliness and beautiful freedom from the sea."

— Le grand bleu

Designed by Wutopia Lab

Photographed by CreatAR Images

Design starts with emotions, and bookstore is an attitude

The day I stood in front of the sea in Sanya, I suddenly realized that in the face of the unpredictable vast sea, human actions were self-indulgent and meaningless. However, compared with the exaggerated movements, many human ideals and thoughts and feelings are worthy of the sea. At that moment of consciousness, my feeling was like the ocean, but the surface seemed calm, and I tried to refrain from showing superficial expressions and movements in front of nature. This prompted me to use design to capture that moment. I chose a t