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São Paulo – 2023. Located in the city of São Paulo, the expansion of Alta Vista Investimentos office has a STARQ signature.


Photographer: Alex Almeida

With its headquarters in São Paulo and offices in several cities of the country, Alta Vista Investimentos it's one of the main representatives of XP from Brazil, (XP Inc. is a Brazilian investment management company. The company offers fixed income, equities, investment funds, and private pension products, as well as offers wealth management and other financial services, through representatives) with more than 20 years of experience in the financial market. The enterprise offers investment solutions personalized to its clients.

For this project, STARQ was appointed by a manager to make the new office headquarters of Alta Vista, in the city of São Paulo.

In this project, the architects employed a mix of hot and cold materiality, with the use of metals, wood, vegetation and rocks, thus assuring a modern ambiance while cozy, at the same time.

In the work, leisure and meeting ambients - we proposed a bigger diversity. The office had a clear need for separation between the customer service area and the investment staff space. We did so without "breaking" the visibility and interaction between the two areas.

In the rooms, we used mainly wood and vegetation elements, to create an integrated ambient, connected by a coffee and living area. The lighting of this project also gains highlight. The building lights bring more life to the surroundings and make it even cozier.

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