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Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant (Hujialou, Beijing) by IN.X Design

How rippling the sea is, where the mountain island stands upright.

The mountain is overgrown with trees and lush grasses.

So lucky to get there, thus, I chant to express my feelings.

- an excerpt from Guan Canghai written by Cao Cao

Designed by IN.X Design

Photographed by Yan Zheng

Siji Minfu Peking Chamber occupies 1,280 square meters in the busy CBD surrounded by office buildings and lively residential communities. Following the constant brand upgrading strategy, IN.X has created a miniature universe in a limited space, where mountains, rocks, vegetation, stars, and coasts are all emerging indistinctly. As a result, the space experience of the Siji Minfu brand has made a breakthrough in the new design.