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Sideboard Gerrit & Coffee Tables Brandt by NOOM

Two coffee tables of different height and a sideboard belong to the Bauhaus Furniture collection by Noom. The collection is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus School in Germany. Ideas of functionalism and conciseness, the combination of craft and art, buildings and objects formed by a composition of simple geometric shapes, are still relevant. NOOM furniture is a tribute to the great thinkers who shaped the modernist principles and brought them to life.

Designed by NOOM / Kateryna Sokolova

– Once, while traveling, I noticed a rough brushed wall inside the elevator. It was an old loft building refitted in a modern way with a rooftop restaurant in New York. That brushing was made there on purpose to hide some profanity words and drawings that were on the wall.

What impressed me the most was the rough brushing by itself. It looked artistically, but at the same time told us a common story of the elevator which was in usage for several decades. It was a kind of creative destruction. That image of the surface with the traces of real life on it inspired me to use the brushed effect in our new furniture collection. We experimented a lot with the hand brushing and patterns and chose one which reminds of ripples on the water