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SI of CROQUIS | ReReason, the storytelling of display space of found art pieces

Sò Studio launched the SAMO Image Store in Chongqing, 2019. The biggest highlight of the SAMO project is the application of systematically exterior façade design, which gives the façade an unfinished building structure appear. It allows the interior details to be displayed to the passing by customers through the gaps on the façade. CROQUIS was impressed by

SAMO ’s Image Store. When Sò Studio is tasked to design the SI store for CROQUIS , Sò Studio decided to adopt and take a further, step in the design of the systematically exterior façade.

Designed by Sò Studio

Photographed by Wen Studio

The frame and structure of the exterior façade remain. Meanwhile, the structure functions as the interior hanging racks and exterior exhibiting elements. The façade looks like a huge painting frame from the outside allows freely change of the brand posters and advertisements. The cream-colored clothes-racks inside the store reflect the beauty of daily life. The location and height of racks are able to change as required.

Different from the traditional glass façade, two entrances formed by structure and the gaps on the exterior façade attract people to look inside and explore the store.