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Say architects | CASA CALVINLUO Shanghai Centre, Home of Inspiration Encounters

The new Shanghai CALVINLUO store is located on the bottom level of Shanghai Centre in the Jing'an district of Shanghai, with an area of approximately 140 square meters. Facing the challenge of how to ingeniously integrate CALVINLUO into the surrounding area filled with displays of luxury brands spanning two to three floors, became the task of shaping the new store.


Designer: Say architects

Photographer: Wen Studio

CALVINLUO is a fashion brand founded by Luo Yucheng in New York in 2014, which pursues a young, delicate, practical style and follows a design philosophy that discovers the "life-oriented" perspective through new angles, committed to illuminating the dullness of everyday life for everyone. Inspired by this philosophy, say architects believed that in an environment where every brand is eager to use large displays to showcase themselves, CALVINLUO's design should not rely solely on attention-grabbing scale, but rather should create a homely, welcoming atmosphere for every customer, and thus, the understated and restrained "CASA CALVINLUO" was born, to create a brand home that is uniquely their own.

The architectural exterior of CASA is created with simple and clean black lacquered glass, and the black glossy metal strips are used to close the joints. The combination of the glossy lacquered glass and the stony texture of the black and white marble presents a delicate and sharp temperament from the materials. Each window design has a customized canopy and wall lamp, ensuring that each window can fully demonstrate the "home scene."

The space still uses black and red as the main color scheme. The strong contrast between black and red, and the smooth and glossy texture of the materials can reveal the brand's attitude from the moment of entering the space. The interior is divided into three functional areas: the dining room, the art lounge, and the walk-in closet, which are arranged in an "L" shape. The dining room and the art lounge areas are clearly visible from the windows along the street. The walk-in closet is "hidden" at the back of the space, and the closet space surrounded by three display surfaces and the black and white checkered floor tiles create a conflicting feeling, making the overall space more layered.

say architects drew inspiration from CALVINLUO's fashion elements to infuse more details into the space, transforming the brand's strong and sharp tailoring lines and metal buckles into matching design language. From the straight expression of the overall space lines to the intricate rectangular metal cuts on the entrance door handle, as well as the left and right ends of the display clothes rail taking shape from the brand's iconic square metal buckles, the fine details of the clothing are presented in the space.

The simple and powerful architectural space serves as a background, while the artful home decor serves as a balance to the space. The art living room features the CATARACT CHAIR and FLOOR LAMP IV designed by RAKA STUDIO, and the twisting and swirling natural white wax wood contains a soft and flowing emotion, perfectly conveying a dual expression of granite straightness and sensual beauty.

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