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SALONE DEL SALON Office Incorporates the Art of Catwalk and Fashion

If the art of catwalks, which always leads fashion, is infused into the studio of designers who focus on honing their creativity, what kind of distinctive, avant-garde scenes and experience will be generated?



Photographer: Sean / Cui Ziyang

Within an area of 465 square meters, the team of SALONE DEL SALON challenged themselves to conceive a workspace that incorporates the fashion vibes of Milan and Paris. The smart integration of a distinguishing art style into a professional office environment redefines coziness, fun, and a space that's truly suitable to the creative design studio.

A soul of fashion

Any first-time visitor to the studio will experience a strong visual impact from its rich colors as well as a change in emotions. It is perhaps not so much as an office but as a runway where a fashion show is going to be put on.

SALONE DEL SALON pursues fun, uniqueness and unrestrained expressions. The spirit of fashion has long been implanted in the DNA of its team. They have abandoned traditional, restrained and rational formulas of work for unbounded creativity, and that propels them to take bolder moves in this office design.

The office space is centered around a pantry. A crisscrossing circulation route connects the whole space, which not only brings comfort for independent working, but also promises free social activities. Linear lighting adds a sense of futuristic technology, while a digital time display screen for different time zones introduces a dynamic vibe of fashion to the space.

The flexible use of spheres, cylinders and cubes builds up a sense of depth and compactness in the whole space. Each piece of furniture has a unique artistic form, which not only demonstrates the taste of the design team, but also creates varied visual experience in the space.

The choice of "more"

While minimalism has dominated the design market, doing "more" can be more challenging than doing "less".

The principle of de-emphasizing finishes and highlighting furnishings is completely implemented in SALONE DEL SALON's office. The creative combination of diversified elements, including the carpets, the furniture and the wallpaper, imperceptibly removes the stress of daily work, plays down conventional restrictions in the workplace, and flattens office hierarchies. Following the idea of "an office can also be a venue of art", this workspace is a rebel against convention.

Large areas of flower prints create a richness without causing any untidiness, which complement the black texture of the ceiling. The combination of high-saturation colors also conveys spatial dynamics through a visual language.

Red and black are used as dominant hues of the space, which establishes prominent contrasts, making the space mysterious but romantic, calm yet passionate. Different ambiences coexist with each other. Bright colors surprisingly awaken the free will, allowing the employees to shift their working modes unboundedly in a relaxing environment.

The warmth of details

What SALONE DEL SALON did to redefine workplace went beyond the superficial aspects. The designers also took into consideration human habits and demands in daily life to delve into the inner harmony between people and workspace.

A series of customized furniture is brought into the office, including a round leisure zone imbedded in a wall, a whiteboard set up as part of a wall, various cupboards available for storage and adornment, and a long table in front of the pantry. All these ingenious details add a humanistic touch of warmth to the already unique office environment.

Restraint and dynamics

The bold match of contrasting red and green comes from the designers' confidence in applying colors. As opening the olive green door of the meeting room, the staff will be greeted with a more passionate color — scarlet.

Complemented by flamboyant color and lighting, the pure geometric surfaces wrap the staff in a lively atmosphere as soon as they step into the room. Amid such an environment, the passion for creation, the brainstorming for meetings and the sparkles of ideas are inspired naturally.

The negotiation room adopts a classical Chinese elegant style. The symmetrical, simple and elegant design facilitates equal, pleasant talks and interactions, while the irregular forms of articles represent the diversity and inclusiveness in the office.

Office design is like a mirror. It reflects the situations of different workplaces and the values of each enterprise. The design of the office of SALONE DEL SALON aims to create an exclusive, yet free workspace which allows its designers to follow their heart and continue their quest in a career that they're passionate about.


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