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São Paulo, 2021 – In a building from the 70's, near the building “Sobre as Ondas”, a reference of Brazilian modernist architecture, in Guarujá, the apartment facing the sea gained a project of the Julliana Camargo office and with-it new coatings and configurations to receive a family in moments of leisure and rest.


Photographer: Evelyn Muller

The transformation began in the readjustment of the old floor plan and become to have 2 suites and 3 other bedrooms. The idea of integrating the entire apartment as much as possible was an initial part of the project concept. Thus, the kitchen was opened and integrated to the living room, as well as the hallway that gained a connection with the rest of the apartment, generating amplitude to the spaces and receiving the sea breeze.

The view of the apartment enchants right at the entrance, on one side the sea and on the other the mountains. Bringing the tone of the sand and permitting it in all spaces, seeking a floor covering that would bring all this beach climate was our challenge. Organic flooring, wood, and straw composed a cleaner concept in moodboard resolution. The joinery, all designed by our office had the “freijó” wood hand-picked, as well as handles designed with the material itself, keeping the concept cleaner.

We brought the concept of few coatings to the project. A single floor, organic, in the whole apartment, complemented by colorful tiles in the wet areas of the bathrooms in unique and smooth colors, green, blue, and black. At the entrance, the colors of the painting of the artist Monica Barbosa cross the hall and reach the kitchen integrating the two environments with a super personality. The furniture also received touches of color. To compose we chose warm colors, such as the orange table of the entrance hall, the cushions, and chairs of the kitchen, in addition to the walls of the bedrooms, between pink and mustard.

The difference of ceiling height by the apartment allowed us to create wooden beams in the kitchen, which in addition to the cozy aesthetics receive the function of accommodating all the lighting of the environment. We also highlight the stone that makes up the kitchen countertop, in gray basaltite with very natural characteristic, a composition priority for our project.


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