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São Paulo, 2021 – Casa Prime, located on Riviera de São Lourenço beach, on the coast of São Paulo, was implemented in a rectangular shape with the largest face parallel to the street. The project is signed by Raiz Arquitetura, of architects and associates Alexandre Ferraz and Elias Souza, who have in their portfolio several high-end houses on the São Paulo coast.

Designed by Raiz Arquitetura 

Photographed by Leonardo Giantomasi

Through the "Rectangular Shape" of the project, it was possible to obtain a free plan without pillars in areas designed for social use and to implant the pool integrated into the house block, simulating the image of an immense mirror of water in the living and balcony environments, thus obtaining a larger leisure área turned to the face where the greatest predominance of green areas is located.

The layout on the lower floor of the residence made it possible to integrate the kitchen, dining room, living room and balcony, all connected with the full opening of the frames. A Functionality Permeability where users can see themselves from anywhere in the house on the ground floor. The program designed for the upper block was structured into 1 guest suite for the front and 4 family suites, all facing the back of the lot, where the Atlantic Forest vegetation is located and also is where the sun rises.

One of the highlights of the project development was to seek more natural lighting without taking away privacy. In this way, a ceiling height was created in the entrance hall in order to insert a rip at the top and another at the bottom, bringing lighting to the circulations and environments for social use of the residence.

The Lighting and Landscaping were developed in through the experience of “Feng Shui”, at the request of the client's wife, where colors and ambiance provide moments of relaxation and contemplation. The landscaping project also featured a large green wall on the front facade in order to bring identity to the house.


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