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QYF Boutique by Sun Concepts Office

As cities continue to evolve and renew day after day, the urban space needs to meet the expectations of consumers and provide satisfaction after consumption.


Client: Qin Yi Fang

Photographer: Liu Zheng / Wang Minjie

Sun Concepts Office did image design for QYF, a multi-brand boutique with a 20-year history. The store brings about new consumption patterns and lifestyle trends for local consumers. With the modernist aesthetics as the standard design approach, Sun Concepts Office turned the boutique into a high-end brand.

By making ingenious use of geometry and colors, the hard metal, stone and glass materials convey the key information that this store collects female brands, and reflects the brand tone that advocates independence and freedom of modern women.

The wide range of products in the store requires diverse display designs. Sun Concepts Office works out a simple display solution by leveraging the massive planes.

By giving up on various shelves, the solution protects the integrity of the space. The reflective mirrors work to stretch the depth of the space in the visual sense.

QYF is one of the landmark boutiques in Wuhan. Sun Concepts Office focuses on handling the relationship between the space and the regions in its design.

The designer team removed the original facade, kept the main body of the building, and created a strong visual impact with simple geometrical structures by making intensive use of metal, stone and glass materials. The design echoes QYF's proposition of "La mode se démode, le style jamais".

Located at the juncture of streets, QYF enjoys large visitor volumes. Massive glass materials turn the store into a large showcase, attracting the attention of pedestrians, which is the goal of Sun Concepts Office.

The original architectural structure hurts the integrity of the solution. It is a key task to turn the structures harmonious in the space. The harmony between structure columns and storage shelves makes the space pleasant to the eyes.

The circular moving line in the store allows the visitors to appreciate every delicate item in the store.

With the modernist aesthetic approach, this project injects new energy into the brand. The moving lines and functions, all design based on the site conditions, meet the business logic. The design is a comprehensive solution to the brand QYF.

Sun Concepts Office believes that brand update echoes the new age today because it means the exploration for breakthroughs and possibilities in every sense.


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