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Popped Orange / Uhub HOUSE by Wutopia Lab

Wutopia Lab was commissioned by the digital fashion brand ifanr to create the "Popped Orange — Uhub HOUSE" in Guangzhou T.I.T Creative Park, which was completed and opened in August 2022. It is an open design experiment, a vertical micro social complex with a light tower as the hub, including coffee, bar, theater, exhibition, sightseeing and party, by ifanr and Wutopia Lab, called KEEP PATCHING, an urban community and lifestyle renewal activity. It is also the first Guangzhou model of Wutopia Lab's urban microspace revitalization program since 2015.


Designer: Wutopia Lab

Photographer: Wu Siming / ifanr

The wildness of two creators

Wilson, the founder of ifanr, believes that life is inevitably a patchwork process, and that everything does not necessarily have to be pushed back. Self-augmenting is also a philosophy of life. He further said that in a sense, this unprecedented ability of human beings to self-argument themselves has led to the evolution of modern Homo sapiens and the change of civilization. This last idea is abstr