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Paco Lago Interioriza studio | The essence of Japan in Madrid

Ta-Kumi Madrid, the new culinary reference in the vibrant Spanish capital, further enriches the city's gastronomic scene. Following the successful concept of its establishments in Malaga and Marbella, TaKumi takes on the challenge of conquering Japanese cuisine lovers in this bustling setting.


The interior design studio, Paco Lago Interioriza, has captured the sober and minimalist essence of Ta-Kumi Marbella to transmit it to the heart of the capital. The restaurant in Madrid unfolds in a three-story space, flooded with light and transformed into an intimate atmosphere that combines elements such as dark woods, cement and fabrics, enhanced by warm lighting. This fusion between the authenticity of Japanese tradition and a modern aesthetic creates a unique experience.

Inspiration from Japanese fabric prints is applied conceptually, giving the space a sense of movement and dynamism. Traditional elements take on new applications and the furnishings evolve into bolder designs, building a prelude to a playful and unique dining experience.

In less than a year since its opening, Ta-Kumi Madrid has already been included in the recommendations of the prestigious Michelin Guide, demonstrating its culinary excellence. In this restaurant, diners will embark on a gastronomic journey where product and technique are the fundamental pillars. Each dish is prepared with meticulousness and attention to detail, offering a combination of flavors and textures that will delight even the most demanding palates.

Ta-Kumi Madrid has become a gastronomic must for lovers of Japanese cuisine in the Spanish capital. Here, culinary excellence meets a carefully designed environment to create a complete experience for all the senses.

Inmerse yourself in the magic of Ta-Kumi and discover the authentic essence of Japanese gastronomy in the heart of Madrid. In addition, it is important to note that in less than a year since its opnening, Ta-Kumi Madrid has already been included in the recommendations of the prestigiuos Michelin Guide, consolidating itself as one of the best culinary places in the city.

Attached is some descriptive information about the project. Our team is formed by Paco Lago, Toni Albaladejo, Alejandro Picatoste, Elisabet Valenzuela. Ana Albarracín, Alba Urbano, Mauro Steiner and Víctor Rodríguez.


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