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When the client came to Studio Canto Arquitetura (Brazil) to ask for this project, they was looking for more confort. Purchased by a couple to live close to work and have a better quality of life during the week with their daughter, Studio Canto made few structural interventions in the apartment, but creating solutions that reflected the essence of the client. A neutral palette with plenty of wood, burnt cement and lead ash makes the mood of the project. 

Photographed by Cris Farhat Fotografia

Into the apartament those who arrive are faced with the kitchen, living room and balcony integrated. In the living room, a woodwork was created that becomes a rack, a chest or a bench serving as a seat for the dining table and a conversation. In the living room, the koord carpet brings a touch of color with its green tones. On the veranda, the bench continues with the woodwork designed by the Studio Canto´s architects to hide the air conditioning, also serving as a garden and the bar.

On the floor, the architects chosen a porcelain with gray texture and on the ceiling a texture of burnt cimente from Suvinil was applied. The lighting was also made to create a cozy atmosphere - the architects designed a linear profile in metalwork to reflect the light on the ceiling and create indirect lighting, making the atmosphere more welcoming at night. The bathroom become minimalist with a new design of woodwork.  

In Laurinha's room, the parents asked for a world map wallpaper to give a adventurous mood to the space. The couple wanted to inspire their daughter since she was a little girl. To give autonomy to her, they´ve opted for a low furniture: a bed on the floor and the joinery with a small desk with adjustable size to accompany her growth and give wings to her creativity. 

In the couple's bedroom, the neutral palette is also present. And to take advantage of all the space on one side of the bed, a closet serves as a side table on the other side, that could serve as a small home office, since sometimes the couple needs to send some e-mails from job. Result that left a light and very cozy room.


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