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MISSANA presents a new collection with its new identity and web

After some years, MISSANA felt the need to move towards a more versatile identity to better fit the brand demands, but remaining faithful to its values and spirit.

Designed by MISSANA

Photographed by Cualiti

Building on the launch of its new image, Missana introduces its latest collection called Swan; a very special collection made up of an armchair and sofa with simple and stylish lines designed by Pepe Albargues, the soul of Missana and one of its founders.

This time, Pepe was attracted by the beauty and elegance of a swan. The arms of these items show an open-angle simulating the long slender open wings of a swan. This single feature gives lightness to this collection making it a perfect choice for both contract and residential areas.

On this occasion, Clap Studio, responsible for the creative direction at MISSANA, has placed Swan in a magnificent conservatory full of flowers overlooking the sea. The conservatory is located in the midst of a cliff to create a unique microclimate where Swan seems to bloom standing out with its amazing presence. Clap has placed Swan indoors but with an outdoors connection as a wink to the previous creative direction when Bamboo, the first outdoors collection, was launched.


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