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Masquespacio uses tradition & technology for Greek fast good restaurant Egeo

Masquespacio presents Egeo, the first Greek restaurant that the studio led by Ana Milena Hernández and Christophe Penasse designed in Valencia.


Client: Egeo

Designer: Masquespacio

Photographer: Sebastian Erras

The design started when Thanasis and Ana contacted Masquespacio to create their first Egeo in Valencia. Counting already with 2 restaurants in Madrid, the souvlaki (Greek meat and vegetables brochettes) chain founded by Thanasis, was looking for an interior design studio that could give continuity to its already existing interior design identity.

Christophe Penasse: “When Ana and Thanasis commented us they wanted to open an Egeo in Valencia, we were immediately excited about the idea, as since a while we were keen to develop a Greek restaurant. Above we also felt a special connection with their history.”

The biggest challenge was although that they didn’t want a huge change in the design for their first space in Valencia.