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The history of the ‘Home’ collection started 2 years ago when Ana and Chris bought a house to be refurbished in the middle of nature in Valencia. Ana started to design the interior of the house and a new range of furniture and objects that would be part of Ana and Chris’ new home. Now Masquespacio at Maison & Objet will give you a live sneak peek of how their daily life environment looks like.


Photographer: Luis Beltran

The presentation thus will include a vibe of their colorful home, presenting amongst others the sofa and lounge chairs from their living room as well as an in-house made room divider using local woods and natural paintings.

The exhibition will also contain a custom-made table that showcases a variety of ceramic objects full of contrasts of forms and textures.

Next to this, the CONO collection shows us the very first official items that the international interior and product design studio created in their new in-house workshop that combines 3D Technology with craftsmanship.

The ‘Home’ collection is part of Mas Creations, through which Masquespacio sells its in-house produced collections as well as collaborations they did with brands like Hoff and Monoprix, showcasing their particular world of materials, colors, forms and textures.

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