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Martin Goya.Pig by PIG DESIGN

Martin Goya Business, established by artist Cheng Ran, invited PIG DESIGN led by Li Wenqiang to co-create an art space — Martin Goya.Pig. This is a radical independent art space dedicated to supporting local young artists' diversified independent practices, while also encouraging spontaneous public activities from the perspectives of the city and the public.


Client: Martin Goya

Designer: PIG DESIGN

Photographer: Qi Shuoqian

"I'm a 'stray bird', carrying dry branches, stones, old truck tarpaulins and metal to construct a spiritual home. This 'bird nest' has nothing to do with the logic of architect or aesthetics of artist, but is just a product of animal instinct."

— Li Wenqiang

Power of rusticity

The project is located in Xiangshan Art Commune, Xihu District, Hangzhou, featuring a split-level architectural form that conforms to the sloped landform. Based on innov