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Late Night Kitchen by JG PHOENIX

In the late night, busy urban people who stay out late seek for a shelter for healing the body and mind.

Clay Pot Fin is a dish originated in the Ming Dynasty against the background of shark fin trade between China and Southeast Asia (also known as "Nanyang"). During that historical period when an increasing number of Chinese migrated to work in Southeast Asia, Nanyang Clay Pot Fin became a medium that carried their memories of hometown more than just being a dish.


Designer: JG PHOENIX

Photographer: Ouyang Yun


The project is a restaurant designed with nostalgic sentiments. Red, considered as an auspicious color in traditional Chinese culture, carries cultural symbolism and spiritual feelings. The bronze screen at the entrance catches the eye with its retro red hue, and it is also the start point of a winding circulation route leading to the tranquil interior space.