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Late Night Kitchen by JG PHOENIX

In the late night, busy urban people who stay out late seek for a shelter for healing the body and mind.

Clay Pot Fin is a dish originated in the Ming Dynasty against the background of shark fin trade between China and Southeast Asia (also known as "Nanyang"). During that historical period when an increasing number of Chinese migrated to work in Southeast Asia, Nanyang Clay Pot Fin became a medium that carried their memories of hometown more than just being a dish.


Designer: JG PHOENIX

Photographer: Ouyang Yun


The project is a restaurant designed with nostalgic sentiments. Red, considered as an auspicious color in traditional Chinese culture, carries cultural symbolism and spiritual feelings. The bronze screen at the entrance catches the eye with its retro red hue, and it is also the start point of a winding circulation route leading to the tranquil interior space.


In the foyer, the design team brought in natural stones to create scenes, and applied materials of gold and silver colors to a large area of the space. Besides, the red walls produce a Chinese-style welcoming atmosphere to entertain guests. Wood textures that carry the traces of time are also incorporated into the foyer as well. The unique opening at the end of the ceiling is outlined by curves.

The visual experience varies at every step. As further moving inside, diners will encounter another stone landscape inspired by traditional Chinese gardens, where mountain rocks were often used to show respect for nature and create a visual barrier.

Natural stone textures, abundant details and the appropriate spatial rhythm form an orderly and rich space.

The overall space is highlighted by screen partitions clad in gold and silver foil, which give the space a traditional luxury aesthetic as well as a simplistic yet exquisite touch. Each scene in the space is based on meticulous consideration of the combination of points, lines and planes. Appearing like a maze, the space breaks the conventional layout and settings.

Elegant red cabinets, pottery pots and pretty wall lamps reveal classical aesthetics, romance, elegance and warmth.


The wood carvings carrying culture heritage and the traditional Official Hat Chair echo each other, and meanwhile produce a calming, tranquil and simple spatial ambience together with Zen artworks. The fusion of different scenes creates a sensory space with visual connection.

The design team created a landscape scene beside the window, which recalls traditional Chinese gardens and echoes with the natural scenery outdoors. In addition, retro furniture pieces and modern textures are combined, which produces an Oriental Zen atmosphere.

Chinese-style round tables are brought into private dining rooms. Symbolizing reunion in traditional culture, the round tables enable diners to chat and get closer with each other. Besides, the form of upholstered dining chairs fully considers comfort.

Under the moonlight-like lighting environment, the space invites diners to put their worries and pressure aside, to immerse themselves in tranquility.

Late Night Canteen is a dining destination, and also a shelter for the mind.


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