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KS architects | Apartments VTB Arena Park

The apartment for a large family on the 24th floor of the VTB Arena Park complex the architect Kristina Saakyan (KS architects) designed in a modern classic style. The owners wanted to get an interior that would acquire even greater value over the years, which they would be able to gradually fill with works of art and collectible books, where they would invite guests and enjoy themselves.


Designer: KS architects — Kristina Saakyan

Photographer: Olga Melekestseva

To fulfill the wishes of the owners, the architect combined modern furniture with Parisian chic presented by timeless classic elements such as herringbone parquet, stucco cornices and wall moldings. High ceilings, large windows with wide window sills and a general open layout added solemnity inherent in classic interiors.

It was also important for the author to make sure that the apartment does not argue with the architecture of the residential complex. In the end it turned out to be modern, but adorned with neoclassical motifs on its facades made from light limestone — rounded corners, panels and flutes. As a result in the interior each element smoothly flows into another, there are no sharp transitions between rooms, and most of the corners are made soft and rounded.

The interior is built on a combination of white, light gray and warm beige colors: white walls decorated with panels and stucco, white cabinets and shades, gray upholstered furniture and terrazzo tiles and warm beige parquet, shelves and door frames.

The owners wanted more space, so two apartments were combined for the project. It was important to separate the living area from the common area, where the guests would often come. To solve this challenge, the architect left two entrances to the apartment and two corridors through which one can get into the common or private area.

From the first corridor guests enter the living room, separated by high sliding doors. Soft light gray sofas and a large white chandelier with a feather lampshade create a special cozy atmosphere here. The chandelier and a floor lamp in the same style are almost the only items ordered from abroad, everything else the architect either made to order according to her sketches or bought from local brands. High panoramic windows overlook the city. Along the walls there are many racks, cabinets and shelves — all of them are recessed into niches and do not clutter up the room.

A spacious snow-white kitchen is separated from the living room by a partition wall. All appliances and kitchen equipment are hidden behind facades that repeat the design of the walls in the form of panels and a smooth surface — on almost all cabinets the handles are recessed and hidden from view.

On the other side of the living room behind glass doors in a light beige frame there is a library. The first things that greet guests here are shelves with books, a large panel with an analog clock, and a soft gray sofa.

The library can be accessed in another way — from the hallway. The two zones are separated by a small corridor closed on both sides by high white doors. These doors, 3 m 30 cm high from floor to ceiling, are designed by the architect and look exactly like the walls in the apartment: the trims are hidden, on the outside there is a pattern in the form of a classic panel. Doors not only separate the corridor, but also perform a second function — when open, they become part of the wall and close the wardrobe. A person who is not familiar with the idea of architect will not distinguish doors from classic wall panels.

The part of the apartment with children's rooms, parents’ bedroom and bathrooms is located in a private part of the apartment. The parents' bedroom is small and minimalist. The wardrobe is located in another area, so there is only a bed, an armchair and two bedside tables in the room.

The spacious bathroom is decorated with wavy marble panels. On snow-white plumbing in clear weather the rays of the sun are reflected, which come here through high windows — the bathroom is no exception and also offers a panoramic view of the city.

Minimalism is preserved in all children's rooms. Wardrobes are built into the walls, and work tables in each room are combined with window sills. From the furniture in the children's rooms there are armchairs, sofas, small toilet tables and open shelves along the walls. Each child has a separate bathroom that follows the color scheme of the room.

The interior of the apartment creates the feeling that you are in Paris, looking out at Montmartre, and a couple of fresh croissants are waiting in the kitchen. The architect Kristina Saakyan captured the spirit of noble classics, but brought fresh modern elements and unusual design solutions to it, which make the interior stand out from many others.


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