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SÃO PAULO 2023 - Located in the neighborhood of Higienopolis, in São Paulo, the Ilha Arquitetura developed the whole project of Klubhaus building - from shell to marrow. Meaning the office drew and implemented the layout, from architecture, through common areas, up to the finishings of the interior design of studios and apartments. The building, which was an old gas station, received a program with optimized blueprints to contemplate one bedroom apartments and studios.


Designer: Ilha Arquitetura

Photographer: Manuel Sá

"The client manages a group of investors and 100% of the building should be configured with exclusivity to comply with public renting platforms, such as Airbnb, besides the client's own renting plataform”, explain the partners of Ilha Arquitetura.

In this sense, the office developed the building's layout, as well as the interiors of common areas and of the four typologies of apartments with aesthetics that embrace that comfort and allow users to enjoy the sense of permanent coziness in the installments.

Since it was a corner land, the professionals took advantage of the curve in the conception of volumetry and of the cobogos in the connection between the two terraces. "We like the visual permeability of this constructive support. These hollow elements assure privacy to the environment, without depriving them of all the light and natural ventilation; besides being a striking feature in our buildings of good architecture in the Higienopolis neighborhood", they disclose.

The welcoming to the building is made through a wide lounge with high ceilings, conceived to work as the building enclosure feature. In the facade, there's a highlight to the curved frames with metallic flowerpots of the corner, and lead colored railings, in a square perforated plate, a light and contemporary solution.

Inside each unity, following a interiors program carefully well crafted, the focus was to value the well being with humanized environment with functional furniture, designed especially to meet the blueprints proposal.

It is worth mentioning the choice of the color palette in shades of terracotta, turquoise, gray and black, like in the highlight of Klubhaus, used from the facade to the elevator halls and common areas, responsible for giving unity to the set.

"The diversity of uses of the composition, the functional decor os the apartments, the presence of colors in the facade, the wide frames of the apartments and the curves in the whole corner of the building are great highlights of the project," they claim.

To crown the project in great style, the office still project an inviting rooftop with assembly room that can be used from big events to private celebrations, in case of a drink between friends, with privileged breathtaking views of the neighborhoods of Higienopolis and Santa Cecilia.


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