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Haydon Zhengzhou by SALONE DEL SALON

The design of Haydon Zhengzhou is inspired by Gaocheng Observatory in Zhengzhou, which is the oldest preserved astronomical platform in China that carries strong historical value. As a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most well-known astronomical structures in the world, Gaocheng Observatory represents the exceptional achievements of ancient Chinese Astronomy.


Client: Haydon


Photographer: Sean

Taking design cues from the structures of Gaocheng Observatory and taking consideration into the local cultural context of Zhengzhou and the brand character of Haydon, SALONE DEL SALON took "Star Observing" as the design thread, to express the exploration of the universe and the unknown and the undefined brand core of Haydon. The structural form of Gaocheng Observatory is incorporated into this retail space, by extracting the spiral form of its steps and reinterpreting its other parts such as Shibiao and Shigui through new structures and materials. In this way, the space presents a dreamy, mysterious retro modern show.