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By the design of Daniel Qiao, Haiweiguan restaurant located on Fuxing Road in Shanghai has integrated the ancient and the modern with innovative interior design. It has become a moving work both inside and outside, reflecting the innovative future from the Shanghai heritage.


Designer: S5 design

Huangpu District, is the prime location of ‘old Shanghai’, bringing a surging romantic temperament to the cultural landscape of Shanghai. HAIWEIGUAN restaurant is located here, continuing the culinary spirit of ‘heritage and innovation, never forget the roots’.

A red brick building with strong Shanghai style is rare in the city center. The designer integrates the architectural style of old Shanghai with the spirit of modern city, making it become the new name card of Shanghai style catering and the emotional destination of people. Therefore, it is not so much a restaurant as an aesthetic product based on a sense of spatial experience.

The entrance keeps the lines of Shanghai Gate, a traditional structure, then deconstructed and reconstructed with a black frame, therefore the tension booms. Entering the elegant door of the house, time and space are interlaced...

The designer interprets the theme of "light" with gray wood and a number of wall lamps full of sculptur