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São Paulo, August 2021 - Since the beginning of the projects, the SR residence counted on the partnership of Studios Julliana Camargo, Thiago Natal and Fabricio Rodrigues. The house, located in a condominium in the interior of São Paulo, had the Studio Julliana Camargo’s sharp eye in the creation of a custom interior design, made for a couple of residents with Brazilian and Chilean origin, who love to receive their family and friends and enjoy nature.


Interior Designer: Studio Julliana Camargo

Architectural Designer: Studio Fabricio Rodrigues / Thiago Natal

Photographer: Maira Acayaba

Starting with the beautiful view of the condominium where the house is located, it is possible to admire the surroundings from different angles through the glass interface, which permeates the entire residence and which not only allows natural light to enter, but also brings residents closer to the nature.

Natural elements are also present in the conception of the interior design, mainly in the choice of furniture and finishes, contributing even more to this approximation between the indoor and outdoor.

With integrated environments, indoor and outdoor areas connect to each other, building a strong spatial unity. The open room on both sides is the biggest indoor-outdoor integration of the residence, creating a light and fresh environment to enjoy the meekness of the condominium.

The Studio's work brought to the house a contemporary language in the coverings, from the choice of flooring to the design of the cortem steel stairs. The choice of the predominance of brown, both in the structure of the house and in some furniture is part of the choice of Studio Julliana Camargo. The objective was to provide a more sober and elegant language for the chosen colors to make a composition. Thus, the mix of brown, orange and blue brings life and uniqueness to the project.

The combination of neutral tones with bright colors - a hallmark of Julliana Camargo's work - also brings to the project what the couple wanted: a peaceful and joyful place to live.

And not only that, all the decoration uses elements that refer to the history and cultures of the couple, based on bright colors to refer to Bahia, from Brazil, and the sophistication of various elements to represent Chile. The orange and blue tones appear punctually in the furniture and bring more harmony and identity to the project.

The wood and natural stones blend with elegance and give a natural touch to the environments. The focus on organic and curvilinear elements can be seen in the washbasin, which has a natural stone basin in an oval shape, softening the atmosphere and combining the wishes of customers in an aesthetic and functional way.

In the outdoor area, the landscaping mimics nature, from the use of natural stones on the floor to the navy blue tiles in the pool, which elegantly modernize the rest, socializing and leisure area.


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