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Elegant Mansion Show Flat 175 by EVD Design

Geographical Position

Elegant Mansion is a residential development situated in the core district of Wuxi, a Chinese city that embraces beautiful mountain and water landscapes. The city faces Taihu Lake on the south side, and embraces river and ocean on the north, with Beijing-Hangzhou Canal passing through it. With a profound historical context and local folk's kind, mellow and moral character, it provides a poetic, tranquil living environment.

Designed by EVD Design


As conceiving the show flat, the design team drew inspiration from local traditional architectural elements, and meanwhile integrated modern design into the space, providing future dwellers with an ideal and intimate home.

Entrance with an orderly aesthetic of light and shadows

Complemented by flowing light, the interior structures appear vivid and lively. The spatial structures enable light and shadows to move freely through the entire space.

To unify the spatial tone, the designers adopted different forms of light and shadows at the entrance. Besides, dark marble flooring was utilized to create a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Subtle details such as exquisite ornaments, lamps and decorative paintings inject a simplistic yet classy aesthetic into the home.

Minimalist and classy living room

The design team used modern minimalist artistic techniques to conceive a tranquil living environment, where occupants can temporarily get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The living room combines elegance and a casual atmosphere, and meanwhile emphasizes privacy and intimacy. The large French window brings outdoor waterscape and daylight into the interior, enabling dwellers to feel the flowing light, watch the ripples, listen to the gurgling water and embrace the breeze.

Light and shadows are natural magicians. Every object bathing in the light appears more gorgeous. Creative hanging paintings and characteristic ornaments add a unique touch to the space. Complemented by light, the grey fabric sofa, the lower black-gold marble table and the attached metal tea table appear naturally elegant and classy. The combination of hues, material textures and light produces integrated visual effects.

The designers used clean lines to keep a delicate, harmonious spatial balance, and brought green plants to inject vigor into the space. The team held many expectations for the home. As dwellers sit on the lounge chair named after an Indian place and enjoy reading, they'll be immersed in a free and peaceful inner world.

Simple and artistic dining area

The design team blended light and shadows into the dining area, and meanwhile adopted simplistic design languages. The semi-open sideboard is coated with high-gloss wooden veneers, mirrored finish and pearlescent paint, generating an artistic visual effect. The pendent lamp produces soft light, and echoes with the dining table leg in form, together presenting a touch with understated luxury.

A quality lifestyle embodies the pursuit of details. The design adopts a subtle combination of metal, leather and marble. Simple, graceful forms and luxurious material textures create a tasteful dining space.

Master bedroom: dynamic outside, tranuil inside

The master bedroom continues the tone of the living room. The classy bed, grey wall with stylish mottled patterns, grey velvet bedding and coffee-colored cushions show a classic taste and a personalized aesthetic. The coffee-colored high-gloss wooden veneers, polished brown paint, and metal finish help form a calming, tranquil and comfortable sleeping ambience.

The skin-friendly bedding, aesthetic decorations and broad vision offer a comfortable and enjoyable sleeping experience. The tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom removes dwellers’ tiredness and enables them to feel relaxed.

In the morning, as natural daylight comes in and is reflected by the mirror of cabinet, the space is full of visual beauty of light and shadows. The built-in shelf and the customized cabinet fully satisfy daily storage demands. The combination of marbles, wooden veneer and glass realizes the perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

Study room: about the essence of life

The forms, colors and material textures of the study recall the essence of life. The wooden desk and the grey wooden cabinet balance the whole spatial textures. The French window brings beautiful outdoor scenery into this space, where dwellers can enjoy reading and tasting tea.

Elders' room that integrates into life

The elders' room adopts a palette of beige, walnut wood color and orange. The side cabinet has multiple functions. The quilted leather panel and high-gloss wooden veneers show pursuit of details, aesthetics and luxurious taste.

The design removes unnecessary forms and decorations. Instead, it uses simple expressions, low-profile and delicate material textures, and quality furniture and soft decorations to highlight aesthetics of the space, narrow the distance between space and life and create an intimate, aesthetic sleeping environment.

Children's room with a colorful palette

The children's room features a refreshing palette of blue, white and silver, which generates a futuristic feeling and a sense of outer space.

Closed cabinets well match with the yellow acrylic transparent one, achieving the integration of storage functions and aesthetics. The drawer pulls adopt playful design, which adds uniqueness to this pure, quiet and futuristic space.

This room features pure colored background walls, symbolic of children’s pure and simple world. The soft decorations, fabrics and fun ornaments enhance playfulness of the space.

Kitchen characterized by meticulous details and artistic aesthetics

The U-shaped design enhances the functionality of the kitchen. The built-in appliances offer pleasant cooking experience. Complemented by light and shadows, the marble countertop appears shiny, presenting a distinctive natural aesthetic. In the kitchen, the dwellers can feel a natural atmosphere. The clean lines and the purely natural hues make the space elegant and noble.


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