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City Band Aid, Three Designs Related to Liquors by RIGI Design

ON THE ROAD STORE, on one hand, a content creator, or, specifically, a maker of street culture. On the other hand, OTRS uses its official account on WeChat as a means to spread youth culture, which is described as 'sub-culture' by many. Above all these, OTRS also connects the streets of the city through small pubs, creating a niche street culture exclusively belongs to the young generation.


Designer: RIGI Design

Photographer: Liu Xu / Wang Xiyuan / RIGI Design

For us RIGI, it is our duty to preserve the public memory of OTRS and the common behavior of the community by creating more logical and extensional designs, which may bring an opportunity to keep the niche and sub-cultural condition of this society.

We value the diversity and freedom in this city, and what we want is to give more possibilities to these characteristics. In every store that is barely twenty square meters, in every night after nine o'clock, there could be more unexpected joy and relief in the glasses.

The world may have embraced higher level of efficiency, and may also be creating more anxiety. The city may have seen waves of economic boom, and may also become less interesting. What we are going to do is trying to heal the era or city a little bit by making it a band aid.

Alcohol, city, hormones, us. This design is about liquors.

1. About 624&OTRS

Let's start with a quote from the OTRS, to make sure we are on the same page when discussing the beginning of this story.