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Bureau ARCHPOINT: A clay fairy tale style restaurant «Spoki» on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

New «Spoki» restaurant has opened on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and welcomes guests, eager to plunge into the atmosphere of everyone’s favorite TV show «Good night, kids!», take picture with Hrusha and Stepashka, eat cotton candy and attend the cooking class.


Photographer: Sergey Morgunov

The TV show «Good night, kids!» addressed ARCHPOINT with the idea of a comfy place, interesting both for kids and grown-ups. Hence the name of the restaurant, «Spoki» — a shortened title of the more than 50 years old TV show. Its characters became iconic and are known in every home, as well as the «clay» intro. Designers kept it in mind when coming up with the concept.

You find yourself drown by the evening fairy tale right from the entrance. The facade of the restaurant — the awnings and the door — is decorated in the signature «clay» style. There is a photo zone in front of the entrance where you can capture yourself in front of Hrusha, Stepashka and shining moon. And if you want souvenirs in the theme of the TV show, you can find them at the reception. 

The walls of the restaurant look like they were molded from clay by children’s fingers. Besides, furniture, lamps, decorative pillows, railing and mirror frames are also setting the tone. There are familiar yellow bells on the windows. Everything reminds the design of the beloved TV show. All «clay» decorations are made of papier mache by Imocean studio.

To merge children and grown-ups’ theme in the bare was a challenge for designers, As a result the bar got «creamy»: gypsum cream and marshmallow are «flowing» from its facade. While grown-up visitors are exploring the spirit menu kids can order cotton candy, non-alcoholic cocktail or climb on the «creamy» step and choose a dessert.

«Spoki» has two halls. The bright one symbolyses the evening time, when kids are only preparing for going to bed. And the dark one, in blue and terracotta colors (all the shades are echoing the TV show design) goes for night, when it’s time for babies to sleep.

The bright hall has traditional seating as well as a table for workshops and a photo zone, replicating the studio of «Good night, kids!». There guests can try themselves as TV show hosts and chat with favorite characters. 

The second hall — the dark one — has a big kitchen island for cooking classes both for kids and grown-ups. 

The decoration is on the edge of becoming absolutely childish. But designers managed to keep the balance and invite grown-up guests to a fairy tale of their childhood.


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