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Bruno Rossi Arquitetos (Brazil) signs a residential project build in concrete and ribbed slabs

São Paulo, 2022 – Organizing the house in half levels was the solution that Bruno Rossi Arquitetos, led by the Brazilian architect Bruno Rossi, based in Campinas and São Paulo, found for the creation of the RM Residence project at Granja Viana, near by São Paulo.

In a land with a lot of unevenness, the house launches into the landscape from two reinforced concrete cables and ribbed slabs that allow large spans with few supports.


Photographer: Paulo Oliveira

The garage and main entrance are located on the stairs, in an intermediate dimension. Half a level up, the intimate area of the rooms highlights the landscape of the valley, taking advantage of the slope.

The social area, 1.5 meters below the ground level, gained ribbed slabs that allowed the span of 15meters without pillars to accommodate living room, kitchen, guest room, TV room and service area.

On a level below is the leisure area, with swimming pool and barbecue facilities. Another solution to mitigate the slope of the land was the implementation of the engine room and the music studio below the pool, the last level of the residence.


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