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Auren Energia renovation project developed by mw.arq I moema wertheimer

São Paulo, 2023 - The office mw.arq I moema wertheimer was responsible for renovating the facilities to house Auren Energia in a 1,250 m² space in São Paulo, based on concepts identified in the new brand proposal. 


Photographer: Maurício Moreno 

The initial highlight of the project is the visual impact of an aurora borealis, represented by the company logo on the ceiling of the reception area. The installation was inspired by the brand's name: AUREN (aurora + energy). The automated RGB lighting, installed in indirect light sockets, recalls this effect of nature. 

The company emerged in 2022 from the incorporation of CESP by VTRM Energia. The project proposal embraced the idea that energy moves everything and everyone, from the beating of our hearts to the technologies that are used to our advantage. This gave rise to the program's slogan "moved by people and powered by energy". 

With the premise of valuing employees as the company's greatest asset, the office allocated the living area to the center of the floor, to be the meeting and collaboration point, housing the coffepoint, space for gastronomic events, games, rest, mother's room and multi-purpose room for massages and manicures.

Permeated by sustainability, the project features elements made from recycled and recyclable materials, as well as subtle pieces and objects, such as the gardens with handmade clay flowers, developed by a community in the Jequitinhonha Valley (SP) and acquired as a way of encouraging social work, which is extremely important for underprivileged regions.

The planters placed between the workstations and arranged as natural screens between users ensure a biophilic environment. 

For the meeting rooms and collaborative spaces, mw.arq | moema wertheimer adopted different proposals, prioritizing unique and vibrant colors according to the client's guidelines, such as pink, orange, purple and green.

Sisal ropes were used to create cocoons that house informal meetings, demarcating and enhancing these collaborative spaces. All the workstation cupboards were opened so that the "free paper" and "free adress" policies could gain traction and be adopted. 


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