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Light moves and water flows as time flies.

As a recorder, time takes down every track of the universe,

Giving people a unique journey about time and space.


- Chief designers: Wang Zhike & Li Xiaoshui

Photographed by Ouyang Yun

With the theme of "clues through time", the sanitary ware exhibition hall draws on lines of water, light and bamboo strips to integrate the products into space. Lines in various forms are deployed in the space to create a visual impression. In addition, the design makes full use of the pure texture and elegant shape of the products to boost harmonious coexistence between the space and the products. Dominated by dark gray color, the space makes the best of natural art installations to render white products as the eye-catching elements. The delicate and natural wooden grain helps build the exhibition hall as a tranquil, graceful, and warm space.

Circulating Lines of Water

The entrance space of the exhibition hall adopts a turning corridor, making it a mysterious space with a sense of ceremony when visitors are entering the space. As the transitional space between the external and the internal spaces, it uses a natural art installation hanging in the air, as if the space could breathe.

Through the narrow passage, visitors are suddenly surprised by an immersive art installation with the theme of “lines of water” coming into their views. Bunches of dense water lines pour down from the ceiling to the white round bathtub, like the gradual elapsing of time. The pouring water, like falling rain, showcases fantastic changes against the background of lights and the rhombic mirror made of stainless steel. The collision and combination of those elements offer impressive experiences of amazing scenes.

Time-traveling Bamboo Strips

The focus of the design is to enable visitors to recognize the brand’s history. The designers bent and spliced slender bamboo strips to produce a freely interwoven curved device. It seems to have clues through time passing to the unknown world.

Stunning shadows are cast on the walls when lights from different angles shine onto the bamboo strips. The stationary space and the flowing time create another world where it displays the brand’s history and development. The space is no longer a simple construction work, but a poetic dream, which can stimulate people’s imagination of the future. Apart from visual aesthetics, the space is more like a “guider” of thinking. The light and shadows within the space awaken people’s perception and vision about their relationship with the products and the space, leading them to recall the past, enjoy the present, and imagine the future.

Light in Tranquility

Tao Yuanming, a famous poet in ancient China, wrote in his poem Return to Nature I, “After long years of abject servitude, again in nature I find homely pleasure”. It shows that people are full of infinite yearning for nature. Life originates from nature, so does art in particular. The designers tried to explore a peaceful mind and build a secluded place in nature.

Light is an indispensable element of space. The bathroom space is the most private place as well as a site for meditation. Instead of arranging windows with a direct link to the outside, the designers erected separate an enclosed courtyard for each space and left only the opening above the yard. Green plants like banana trees are grown within the courtyard, adding a mysterious and poetic ambience. The space is enlivened when natural light shines through banana leaves into the room. The overall circulation route adopts an open layout, which offers people a more smooth and comfortable experience when they are walking within it. The shadows on the wall that are segmented by plants generate different visual effects from that of the atrium, highlighting the elegance of the light. The visible and invisible lights shuttle between buildings in varied ways, leaving marks on the surface or the interior of the building.


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