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AM2 Arquitetura signs a contemporary project that dialogues with the local vegetation

The project signed byAM2 Arquiteturacame from a family's desire to have a pleasant space that would promote their comfort and simultaneously contribute as a meeting point for friends for socializing moments.

Designed by AM2 Arquitetura

Photographed by Alexandre Takashi Hiratsuka

The chosen spot was the Condomínio Palos Verdes, in the Granja Viana neighborhood, near São Paulo (Brazil). Such preference occurred due to the exuberant local vegetation, contributing for the future residence to become a true refuge for its owners.

"One of the challenging was to make intelligent use of the steep terrain profile without causing significant land movement, and to create environments with large openings and integrated, but at the same time maintaining the privacy of the residents", explains Alessandro Malara,architect,and partner of AM2 Arquitetura.

With this scenario, we started a project that respected the lot's characteristics, sectoring the floors according to their use. In the basement, the swimming pool, party room, sauna, changing rooms and other auxiliary structures were implanted; on the first floor all the social and services area and on the upper floor, the intimate area, with suites and a small family room.

The integration and connection of the environments while maintaining privacy was achieved through generous doors and windows facing the back of the lot, where the green area of the condominium is located.

The façade excels in the lightness of the white color and straight lines, contributing to the clean aspect of the residence. The obviousness of the façade is broken by the glass box that presents the staircase as a sculptural element, becoming evident at night when illuminated.

The residence also had sustainable alternatives such as rainwater catchment through cisterns and the advent of photovoltaic cells for solar energy heating.

Finally, the great achievement of this project is the fact that despite a vast program, the residence preserves the warmth and respect for the surroundings that the family has always prioritized.

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