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For you alone by Egue y Seta

Is there such a thing as a feminist interior? We honestly don't know.What we do know is that each day there are more and more independent, restless, professional women who have better things to do than to dream of a house. We know this because some of them have contacted us seeking help and advise on how to design the shelter deserved not by children or spouses, but by them, to enjoy alone or accompanied, at their return home from a hard day of work,or from wherever they felt like going.

Designed by Egue y Seta

Photographed by VICUGO FOTO

We also know that it’s been a long while since interiors had to be Provençal, pink or shabby chic to be considered feminine; and that for many of these women kitchen performance specs, or stiletto shoes capacity of the walk-in closet is nearly as irrelevant as the color of their next-door neighbor’s bathroom rug. For all this, or for one these wonderful women, we have dared to project a home where the feminine has more to do with the need to host a functional programme and a lifestyle that does not comply to gender stereotypes, than with the staging of sensibility, intimacy or care taking of others. You are about to enter an attic designed having HER in mind, and if you are like her, it is also a home designed for you. For you alone.

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