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Mas Creations, Masquespacio’s Universe of Colors, Textures and Materials

Masquespacio presents Mas Creations, its new brand through which the creative studio wants to present its singular vision with an independent focus and special attention for spaces, objects and furniture pieces.

Designed by Masquespacio / Mas Creations

Since many years Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse were reflecting about their evolution with Masquespacio and their passion for design. With Masquespacio the designers from Spanish city Valencia the last 10 years have designed projects for retail, hospitality and offices amongst others both in Spain as well as in other countries and continents.

Christophe Penasse, co-founder of Masquespacio & Mas Creations: “Since many years we felt the need to evolve towards a more artistic approach, moving away from the more commercial projects with a new brand parallel with what we do at Masquespacio.”

A few years a first attempt to launch that independent vision was made with the release of the Dr. Workshop stool and the idea was to present the official launch of the brand during the Milan Design Week in April with a set of furniture pieces, including chairs, armchairs and complements.

Ana Hernández, creative director of Masquespacio & Mas Creations: “Due to the cancellation of the Milan Design Week and the lockdown in Spain during 2 months, we decided to focus all our energies in turning upside down this official launch and create a universe that mixes digital with photography.”

Christophe Penasse, co-founder Masquespacio & Mas Creations: “We took the opportunity of staying at home to make Mas Creations our priority and started to develop more collections than previewed and that we will launch bit by bit during the next months.”

For this first launch of Mas Creations the main piece is the rocking chair “Too Much”. “Too Much” is a rocking chair that mixes contrasts of colors with materials and forms. In an unusual way the design seeks to combine colorful velvets with different marbles and stainless steel with the joyful well-known approach that represents Masquespacio’s style.

Above the rocking chair “Too Much” is accompanied by the “Ball Pot”, a flower pot of a big size that seeks to create a singular emotion through the combination of wood and yellow marble. Besides the “Ball Pot” with its impacting form, allows it to be used as an object without flowers.

The launch on the other side includes a campaign designed in 3D, inspired by iconic interiors and artists from the 70s. At the beginning the idea was to choose only one environment and reinterpret it, but as the creative process advanced it was impossible to choose only one reference. Hereby, the campaign was converted in Ana’s dream house that at the same time is a tribute to her favorite icons. In some of the spaces that reinterpretation is more visible, while in others it is more abstract. Above it is to be highlighted that the idea never has been to do a copy of the existing spaces, but bring that iconic interiors to the future and convert each of them in a different part of the house, like the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen, amongst others.

In the lounge area we can see a clear reference to the house of Álvarez (1974 - 1976) or the staircases from Celine’s store in Milan designed by Sergio Asti in 1978, the kitchen from Arthur Elrod and the house of Joseph & Wiki Dennis.

Here, where in every space a tribute is made to iconic spaces from the past we can see how the Too Much rocking chair with its multiple contrasts is converted in a character that looks at the scene, not like a piece of furniture, but as a inhabitant of the house, showcasing himself in illogical spaces like the bathroom and the corridor.

Mas Creations this way is a clear representation of the graphic style that contrasts with materials and colors from Masquespacio, with its process to bring the past to the future. Above the aim of the project is to work together with local artisans for every new design that will be developed. New designs that will be incorporated into the collection the following months with a new launch every fifteen days.

A little bit more about Mas Creations:

As a child we always were rebellious. We were one of these kids that ran away from home, stubborn until we got what we want and more in search of doing what we couldn’t do than what we were allowed to do. That rebellion during the years has been converted in our unconformity with common things and has been our drive to challenge ourselves and the people working with us every time we have the opportunity.

For this reason after designing for more than 10 years all type of projects with our creative studio Masquespacio, we decided to found Mas Creations with the aim to experiment more than we did before and thus seek for new challenges, creating new beautiful things that make you live new experiences through a collection of products and projects that narrate a story that simply wants to make your day more joyful.

Through Mas Creations you are not only acquiring a nice object, but a handmade product made by ourselves or made by local artisans we have challenged to develop our singular designs. Singular designs that are not seeking to be a massive seller, but an authentic piece that shows our progress as designers depending on our personal mood and the evolution of our surroundings.

Our personal and independent approach is one that comes from our heart and that wants to draw a smile on your face and make you feel excited every time we present a new creation. We hope you enjoy our Mas Creations universe full of colors, contrasting materials and textures as much as we enjoyed designing it in our little studio in Valencia, using a few hands, a brain and a lot of passion during quarantine.

About Masquespacio:

In 2010 we founded our design studio Masquespacio with the aim to do something different… something that would make us proud and transmit our aim to seek innovation for every project. We have had the luck to work in several countries around the world, discover new cultures and make new friends. Thanks to our innovative approach for every design we have been awarded with a lot of relevant international awards, next to a continued international recognition by media specialized in design, fashion and lifestyle trends. Although we continue working on projects for our clients through Masquespacio, now with Mas Creations we want to invite you to know our own personal approach and enjoy our universe full of emotions, colors, forms and creatures.

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