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Wu Jiachun's New Work | Explorative Home by Spring Design Office

For a long time, people have been constantly exploring the relationship between life and dwellings and deciphering the connotation of comfortable spaces.

Designed by Spring Design Office

Photographed by You Hongxiang

Design can not only meet the demands of daily life, but also bring people expectations. Taking more than 700 days, the designer Wu Jiachun created this human-oriented living space. As reimaging this home, he focused on the occupants' unconscious expectations of life and explored their perceptions of the outside world.

The dining room is set right inside the entrance, highlighted by irregularly shaped pendent lamps. It's an area full of laughter, where the family members have meals together and enjoy time with relatives and friends.

For busy modern people, it's a luxury to have free and "idle" time. A pleasing and relaxing home enables them to feel inner tranquility, and to enjoy the time with family members and friends in a cozy manner.

The designer broke the original cramped layout of the space, and organized a clear, smooth circulation. The dining room and the living room are separated by the change of floor height. Surrounding removable steps mark off the living room, and add a sense of block to the space.

At the back of the living room is a multifunctional area, which is a transitional space between private and public zones. It serves for leisure as well as guest reception. The sliding door is flexible, enabling to form either an open or a closed space. This area is versatile, which enhances the utilization efficiency of the limited space. During transformation of the apartment, the designer reduced the number of rooms, so as to expand the scale of the living room and make the entire spatial pattern more open.

The entire space is dominated by a calming palette of black, white and gray, and is highlighted by the apricot sofa as well as gold and blue chairs, which inject vividness to the interior ambience.

Different material textures, shades, lines and blocks are well combined, to enrich the layering of the space. The smooth transition from open area to private space and the simplistic design language together generate a unique spatial aesthetic. Every corner of the space features meticulous and exquisite design, which echoes the owner's preference for modern style and the pursuit of a quality life.

There is a hidden door beside the living room. The designer set the boundary between different areas via the step or hues. Contrasting wood shades were adopted to create different experiences, evoke the occupants' curiosity and stimulate them to explore the unknown space. The meticulous and ingenious design details bring convenience to the dwellers' daily life and infinite possibilities for exploration.

This space embodies the dialogue between the occupants and the designer, who explored and presented the living habits and preferences of every family member. The "appropriate" design languages enable the designer, the occupants and the space echo each other, and hence eventually forming this desired home.

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