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The studio approaches interior design via architectural languages and thinking | Liang Architecture

Xu Liang | Profile

Xu Liang is the founder & design director of Liang Architecture Studio. As a young interior architect, he has won multiple design awards at home and abroad, including Dragon Design Foundation Award 2019, Taiwan Interior Design Award 2015 (Gold Award & "Interior Design in Next Generation" Award) , 2013 Jintang Prize (Nominee for "Emerging Designer of the Year"), and many other international awards held in the US, the Netherlands, France and Italy. Xu excels at utilizing simplistic architectural structures, clear layout and pure material palette as carriers to create unique aesthetics, which is a design process that combines sensibility and logic. He strives to give people penetrating insights into the value of space and living through his design practices in private residences and commercial spaces.

Established in 2013, Liang Architecture Studio offers professional architectural space solutions mainly focusing on residences, workspaces and commercial spaces. It has won several interior design awards worldwide in recent years. The studio approaches interior design via architectural languages and thinking, and works to break conventional lifestyles, rules and ideas, with a view to creating more possibilities and enriching people's physical and spiritual experiences in the space.

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