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The Trim by Studio Minio

Architect Kryštof Blažek of studio minio created an interior design for a talented hair stylist’s signature hair studio in Prague’s Karlín district. Located in a converted 19th century factory building, the studio has high vaults supported by a cast iron column and two large showcase windows, and it opens directly onto the street.

Designed by Kryštof Blažek, Studio Minio

Photographed by Jan Kuděj

Inside, the appearance is slightly industrial with unfinished concrete walls, a sanded concrete floor, a vaulted ceiling retaining its white colour, and atypical weathered oak furniture combined with black square tube underframes.

The hair salon is lit by wall lamps and two custom-made rod chandeliers specially designed by studia minio in timeless black and white. The light is diffused and soft, with light emanating from white opal glass.

The interior is split up with a black metal screen, dividing the washing and colouring stations from the front entrance area and separate workstations, where two black hair salon chairs are on either side of a solo double-sided oval mirror.

The intentionally monochrome interior puts the spotlight on the vast range of standout hair colours and styles.

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