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DC Works 丨 R & F Center -- Clothing Office & Exhibiting Hall

Enter water with the tip of a knife / Look at snow with a microscope

Even if I do this over and over again / I still can't help asking if you have counted the stars in the sky? They, like birds, / always jump out of my chest

Like a poem, Long Day’s Journey into Night takes us staggering into an enjoyable dream and deeply impresses everyone even when we wake up. Naturally, some friends said they couldn’t understand, but actually the film conveys nothing but three things: images, theme, and equivocal scenes. Think about it, and isn’t it as same as design?

Designed by DC Design

About Perception

All creations actually express a context. The film is good at shooting details in a quiet way and features a feeling, atmosphere and emotion more than the story; what the design wants to bring is very similar to the film -- immersive experience and perception.

The spatial size of the corridor is intentionally narrowed, and a quiet and calm atmosphere comes on, quickly bathing you and impressing you with the awe and solemnity of space!

As going further, you can feel a three-dimensional spatial sense generated by the overlapping of surfaces which produces a specific cadence and rhythm under the rendering of lights, loose in form but terse in essence, ambiguous but powerful, with an abstract sense permeating.

In a sunny day, the light beam sharply invades the black and white space, creating an unspoken “ambiguous” relationship. In it, you can’t help but immerse yourself for a few minutes, listening to the space, and then talk to it. Finally, you will find something; feel it, and believe it.

People Orientation

The film is labeled literary and artistic, which is, as someone thinks, poetic, fantastic, and deliberate, but in fact, it is realistic, especially psychologically realistic. This is the second part we want to share with you.

It is indispensable at any time to meet the functional requirements in terms of space for a building serving as both office and exhibition hall. The office area and hospitality area enjoy the best lighting surfaces; the exhibition hall is pure and simple with plain lines as a background of clothing; the desks and chairs are flexibly arranged, providing possibility for team activities…such details are the basis of design.

Apart from these, we can't help asking ourselves: what else can we bring?

“Everyone is the focus” is what we want to present most. The relationship and proportion among the spaces are repeatedly studied. The symbolic and aesthetic factors in form are combined with the imagination from personal experience to create a pure space atmosphere. Walking in them can be a process of self-recognition and acceptance, or a process of freely expressing yourself just as walking on a T stage.

The common feature of good films is that the plot is particularly exciting and there are obvious dramatic conflicts. The same is true for design.

The conflict caused by black and white color contrast forms an aesthetic feeling of tension, which is richer and more charming than that of the same color system. If matched with small sexy red or green areas, it is enough to create a sense of gorgeousness and form a double impact visually and psychologically.

The president’s office is provided with, besides black and white, a highly inclusive color tone – grey, and embellished with cloth art and furnishings in the color of the same low saturation, so the space is characteristic of preciseness, exquisiteness and elegance, bringing another sensory experience.

In addition, the spatial rhythm also creates a dramatic conflict.

It is not difficult to see from the nest that the whole space is like a big tree with strong vitality, and the trunk-like passage extends slowly. After a pure transition, it ushers in the “lush leaves and fruits” - the fervent turn and the climax of the plot.

Through such flexible transition between straightforward narration and plot twists and turns, we can create a confusing dramatic effect and finally give full memory to the space.

Whether it is film or design, it is a carrier that, through vision or space, connects a certain relationship, produces some emotional resonance, points directly to the real intention, and taps the indescribable desire.

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