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Masquespacio designs a 'Ceramic Dream' at Casa Decor

The ceramics of the future stars in the Roca space at Casa Decor

Through its Roca Tile division, for the first time ever, the company will be present in Casa Decor in alliance with the Masquesapacio design studio to place the universe of ceramics on show.

Designed by Masquespacio

Photographed by Paula Caballero

The designs that Masquespacio have created for Roca in Casa Decor pay tribute to ceramics and its features in interior design and decoration, with a nod to contemporary Greco-Roman architecture and to surrealist fantasies that give us a feeling of timelessness. Its observers become part of a magic composition of suggestion and involving scenarios.

The space, called "A Look to the Future from the Past", explores the new ways that, thanks to Roca technology, it is possible to adapt ceramics to any use, including symbolic furnishings that "observe" us and details of organic vegetation, in counterpoint to the floor and wall coverings, to form an environment made unique by its composition and lighting.

The elegance of the twisting waters of polished marble, its light-enhancing effects and reflectivity are reproduced in porcelain, in wider colour ranges than those of the natural stone itself, with luminous finishes, such as the indigo and cobalt of Marble Nouveau and the white with ochre criss-crossed streaks of Marble Parana.

The ceramics of the future: innovation and design

The new Roca Tile collections on exhibit at Casa Decor arise from an exclusive study of trends, with the development of exceptionally bright marbles, solid-coloured pieces, patterns, meshes and tiles that represent endless decorative possibilities, to project a coherent aesthetic upon integrated spaces and offer unique environments.

The Roca research and development team has strived to achieve a maximum of features in striking finishes. The latest trends in decoration and design coexist with the surprising features of porcelain and the creativity of Masquespacio, with exceptional results.

The environment is a stage and exhibition, for its dreamlike atmosphere and its artistic taste, gathered from a multitude of textures, formats, colours and finishes that change the rules of the game in the use of ceramics as a sign of inspiration for interior design projects and interior architecture.

Roca Tile and Masquespacio will be present at the second floor of Casa Decor, in space 31, 5 March to 19 April 2020.

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