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Minimalism in colors, texture and materials in the apartment signed by CR2 Arquitetura

The 140m² apartment, located in São Paulo, had a good distribution of spaces for a conventional family, but very compartmentalized for the new resident, a young doctor who would live alone and likes to receive friends. The architectural project proposed by CR2 Arquitetura, led by the architect Clara Reynaldo, started with the integration of environments for new use. The living room, dining room, kitchen and balcony were integrated, and the creation of a TV room in the continuation of the rooms significantly increased the feeling of spaciousness of the apartment and the social area.

Designed by CR2 Arquitetura

Photographed by Fran Parente

White, concrete and light wood gave a Scandinavian air to the environments. In addition to tearing down the walls, decoration also played an important role in tying the spaces that come together in this project. The wooden bookcase with niches created a minimalist atmosphere without being monotonous by unifying, in a same visual plane, the entrance door, books, objects, cellar, air conditioning and the kitchen sliding doors, highlighting the continuity between the rooms. The sliding doors in muxarabi brought texture and a light permeability between the living room and the kitchen, giving lightness and grace to the environments even when they are closed. The TV room sideboard, in the same language as the bo