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Kafe Bromo by Metaphor Interior Architecture

In a mission to revamp old, run down look of previous style of the all-day dining, we were set to renew the look with one goal: elegance and comfort. The restaurant is ensured to exude timeless design with the twist of playful patterns and materials.

Photographed by Mario Wibowo

While neutrality is crucial as the design approach to keep the place sleek and cozy, we used the dominance of rose gold accent. We also added the lighting effect of concealed light adding up the eccentric touches to illuminate the space. To strikes a balance and achieve the elegant touch concurrently, we also added patterned grey marble onto many areas across the restaurant, as can be seen on serving table, floor and also the column.

Aesthetics & Spatial Design

With the mission of creating a whole new experience for the not only local but also international diners, we are set to create functional and yet beautiful space. For this space with the area of approximately 500 sqm, we want to make sure that the buffet area, which is the central area of a very high traffic all day dining, will be strategically positioned throughout the space.

By doing so, the space is divided to cater mostly for large groups. As based on the previous market, owner would like to maintain the incoming existing client which is mostly big groups. To make the place more interesting, we allocate the back-end seating area to be divided with partition. Our own styling team has been assigned to decorate the shelvings to add some colour by using artificial planters.

Realisation Efficiency

In the early stage upon hearing client’s brief of their concerns and goals, we were determined to develop our concept and bring them into reality. By seeing previous restaurant, we can relate their identified problems and the process took off from then onwards. One important thing to consider when designing an existing restaurant is that we would like to maintain their exclusive old clients while also attracting the new ones. We envision the place to be attractive not only for hotel guest, but also outside guests. The space should speak for itself and we took market behavior seriously. We observed the space and present the space to be inviting for both family groups who are there for staycation while also keep it professional and welcoming for professionals. We then on visualise the space and ambiance and selectively craft elements on to the space it is now. Ultimately, we managed to highlight its existing curvy space by implementing and playing with textures and lines. In addition, the ambiance is well achieved to present elegance and comfort with neutral tones, patterned marbles and also vibrant upholstery.

Well-being & environmental considerations

To add extra comfort, we played around with the colours of upholstery. We wanted to add some vibrant colour sporadically, yet arranged well in the furniture seating. Not to be forgotten that our bespoke pieces of pendant lamp add colours and look to the overall space.

Use of product technologies

In this journey we have embraced the opportunity to work with a professional lighting consultant and discover the staging effects intended to support our elements design in the restaurant. While this technology may not be a brand-new innovation, we took this opportunity to discover the effectiveness of lighting design. We can find the dramatic staging lighting in the buffet area. This area is considered central as part of the busy service area for operators and diners. The dramatic effect is achieved by adding extra effect onto the marble-finished counter. Not to be forgotten that the lines effect is also accentuated with the staged lighting effect that display the whole dining experience wholesome.

Project challenges & Specific solutions

To add elegant touch, we use textured wood moulding to cover the column and rose gold accent. However, the choice of colour is not typical brown shade to address our client’s agenda to present modern look of Kafe Bromo renovation. The old establishment used a lot of wood material and hence, we addressed this issue by also learning the local market of Surabaya. As an existing venue, we managed to learn about the market segment and came to learn their preference of striking elements. Situated in a four-starred Sheraton hotel, Kafe Bromo renovation came to a blast with dominance of rose gold accent and patterned marble flooring and finishes.

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