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Each international metropolis has its landmarks, such as One 57 in New York, One Hyde Park in London, One Shenzhen Bay, and Beijing's One Sanlitun. Situated at the busiest and prosperous commercial hub of Beijing, One Sanlitun soars into the skyline and enjoys a rare serene ambience. In the skyscraper, CCD created a series of luxury serviced apartments themed on various century-old brands including Armani, Aston Martin, Chanel, Hermès, Bottega Veneta and Fendi, by incorporating elements and styles of those classic brands into the interior design.

Designed by CCD

Photographed by CCD

FENDI is an Italian luxury fashion brand, which has deep roots in Rome — "The Eternal City".

Be it the first-ever fashion video shoot on Rome's fountain spots, the sponsorship for restoring historical heritages such as the Temple of Venus and The Trevi Fountain, the new headquarters set in one of Rome's most iconic structures — Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, or the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 haute couture collection show (“The Dawn of Romanity”) held on the Palatine Hill, FENDI keeps underlining its deep connection with Rome.

In addition, the brand has always been cherishing Roman history, culture and traditions, and drawing inspiration from them to inject new vitality to the city and pay homage to its eternal glory.

As approaching the interior design of the deluxe apartment ONE SANLITUN · FENDI, CCD integrates the history and culture of Rome, draws on FENDI's brand stories, strikes a balance between the classical and modernity, and endows the space with an elegant, dignified yet playful style, which embodies FENDI's definitions of art, fashion and lifestyle.

The founder of the Roman Empire Octavian once famously boasted, “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.” Since ancient times, marble has been a symbol of wealth and noble status, which showcases classical charm as well.

Upon entering the apartment is a foyer featuring a 6.2-meter double-height space, which offers an open view to the outdoor landscape. A magnificent marble staircase stretches upwards, which presents a sense of sculpture and embraces the expansive and clear sky outside the windows.

The velvet armchair, the fireplace, the marble niche and brass, all showcase exquisiteness and nobility. A water-shaped resin stool is brought in subtly, with its avant-garde texture and form adding playfulness to the space. Its design takes cues from FENDI's preference for water.

Awash with a sense of design, the space fully presents an aesthetic that blends the classical and modern, and manifests FENDI's stylishness and classiness.

The staircase in the hollow space takes inspiration from Rome's Piazza di Spagna, which is famous for the Spanish Steps where Audrey Hepburn enjoyed her ice cream in the classic movie "Roman Holiday". The white marble steps resemble piano keys, which seem to produce pleasing sound while guiding the occupants up to the bedrooms. Rome has been known as "The City of Fountains" for its large number of beautiful fountains, which symbolize endless vitality. CCD abstracts the form of fountain, and translates it into the exquisite lighting fixtures beside the stairs. Those linear lighting fixtures and the handrail complement each other, showing both elegance and modernity.

The large-scale dining and living area is extremely open, with French windows on three sides blurring the boundary between the interior and outside. The opening on the ceiling and glass curtain walls offer a panoramic view of the flourishing Sanlitun quarter, and also enable the occupants to embrace the sky. Especially at night, the dwellers can use the bespoke telescope to watch stars.

The dining area accommodates a Western-style kitchen, a Chinese kitchen, a breakfast table that doubles as a bar counter and an independent large dining table, which can meet the demands of various socializing activities. The striking pendent lamp above the dining table looks like a hand-made disco ball, which gathers light and spread it downwards. This area is a perfect place for inviting families and friends to enjoy delicious food while appreciating the fabulous outdoor cityscape, which redefines "luxury" for those who look for private yet unique living experiences in the city center.

The bedrooms also inherit the exquisite, gorgeous and classic qualities of FENDI. Upscale fabric, superb craftsmanship and intimate spatial atmosphere fully interpret the brand's precious spirit and culture.

The master bedroom is set at the upper floor, beside the opening above the living room. With large areas of French windows, it enjoys 270-degree views of the outdoor landscape, and enables the occupants to feel the varying scenes of Beijing's busy quarter throughout the day.

The interior design continues FENDI's style. The beige wood and leather coverings create a warm feeling in the space. Besides, FENDI furniture, the crystal chandelier with exaggerated shape, and smart home system, perfectly combines functionality with luxury. All those design details in the master bedroom generate an elegant and cozy ambience, and exquisite textures that fuse luxury and modernity.

The master bathroom is finished and embellished with marbles, with natural light pouring down in the shower and bathtub area. The solid sense of architecture echoes with the city's skyline, seeming to bring the occupants to an illusionary castle in the sky.

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