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Be@rbrick & Home by ARTTA Concept Studio

The Legend is a combination of functions and aesthetics by Scandinavian design. Clean lines, simple forms and a neutral tone of white and grey colors are adopted to create a consistency of minimal, spontaneous yet exquisite feeling. Together with the concealed natural lighting, it is the perfect ambiance for people to relax and unwind after a hectic day. We hope to incorporate Scandinavian design to enhance daily life to an unencumbered lifestyle.

A harmony of nature and the interior is created by bringing in adequate daylights and great landscapes outdoors. Natural elements like light toned wooden floors and marble patterned walls are embedded to echo with the natural environment outside of the existing large windows. To define the dynamic living area, a special feature on the ceiling is built with a striking visual effect.

Designed by ARTTA Concept Studio

Photographed by ARTTA Concept Studio

The children’s bedroom comes in a neutral palette with a pop of blue to add a subtle but refreshing detail that is playful for young children. To ensure the sustainability of our product, walls in the children’s rooms are coated with fabric and timber plastic laminate which has a natural timber texture that is resistant to stains and scratches.