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Nathalie Guillén Dental Clinic project by Dobleese Space & Branding

Moving away from the aseptic-technological environment that usually predominates in dental clinics, this design, with a Mediterranean air, creates an intimate and warm place that welcomes the patient into a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Photographed by Germán Cabo

Both the exterior and interior space share materials, colors and textures that generate continuity inside-outside making the heart of the clinic visible and inviting the patient to enter.

Floor plan incorporates curved lines as a strategy to create a friendly space, which minimizes the edges and shadows and accompanies the user in his tour by the clinic.

The materials used and corporate colors make the roots of the territory visible, while at the same time enhancing the idea of calm and tranquility.

The herringbone ceramic alludes to the braids of the traditional crafts of the area, while the bluish and cream tones, accompanied by domestic elements such as curtains of natural fabrics, decorative luminaires, photographic compositions or wallpapers, reinforce this cozy environment, reminding us of the environment that we can find in our own home.

This project reflects the company's own philosophy, which advocates proximity to the patient, always making him feel at home.

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