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Thurley Boutique by Amy Gray_Studio Grayscale

Thurley, The Strand, Sydney NSW. Thurley is an Australian boutique fashion brand. Thurley approached us to design their flagship Sydney store within The Strand Arcade. The Strand itself is a historical landmark, built in the late 1800’s in the Victorian Era. Due to the historical significance of the site, the façade of all sites within The Strand, remain in its original state, without alteration.

Photographed by Andrew Patterson

The design journey for this Thurley store began with a very specific purpose – space planning and ensuring the plan layout made the most of the square metreage, a compact store of 30m2. Within the space we needed to accommodate various functional elements, but most importantly, we needed to maximise the display area for product. Whilst of course, ensuring the space felt open and luxurious.

A clean datum line runs the perimeter of the space – defining the product display area, from the ceiling space. The datum line is illuminated with soft up lighting, which creates a feeling of elegance. The custom-designed product racking also begins here, wrapping down from behind the wall build-out, to a functional hang rail height, allowing for full length garments. This height is also continued throughout the store. The racking is predominantly suspended from above, without bases on the ground, intentionally creating a feeling of spaciousness, with the beautiful herringbone flooring being visible all the way to the walls.

Above the fixtures, elements of the original building are revealed – original glazing, framing and cornices, all repainted in a fresh light grey tone. Creating a connectedness between original details & new.

Track lighting is suspended throughout, with lighting design completed by Retail Lite. Designer light fittings from Volkerhaug are suspended above the sales counter.

The sales counter, together with the credenza is a unique custom design – the carcase of each is constructed with a vertical shadowline detail across all sides in Dulux ‘Spinach Green’. The tops are in a beautiful terrazzo slab.

The fitting rooms are constructed of glamourous, long draping fabric on a curved track. There are no walls defining these rooms, with purpose. When the rooms are not in use, the curtains can be opened to create a further feeling of openness and spaciousness, within the cosy space.

Whilst not visible, a key component of this design, was to create storage opportunities in smart ways, concealed within joinery and walls, which we have done in a way that does not impact the design or make the space feel cramped. Overall this store design for Thurley is a fine balance between practicality and elegance.

Mannequins in the shopfront window are suspended, with a custom credenza underneath. In suspending the mannequins, it allows them to be displayed at heights best aligned with the existing windows, in addition to maximizing product display opportunities on the credenza below.

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