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Kruchin Arquitetura signs a Planetary in São Paulo (Brazil)

Built in São Paulo City (Brazil) and part of a mixed-use complex that brings together a commercial building, a research center and a restored big house, the Kruchin Arquitetura designed a Digital and Planetary Theater intended for scientific and educational presentations and operates by 360 degree immersion of the viewer in the projected images.

Its concept resulted from countless essays in which it was sought to symbolically translate the experience of universe observation. “We seek their shapes in Kepler with their associated cubes and spheres, in Einstein, in his curved but unsuccessful universe. On an unpretentious stroll along the beach I picked up a shell and immediately formed the image of the pearls, in their brightness, the image of the transformation of the grain seed into geometry. The birth of pearls and the nursery of stars were from the same source, from the same origin: the shell, the casing that will tell the creation of the world”, says Samuel Kruchin, founder- architect of Kruchin.

The building is defined by three layers of overlapping roofs. The outermost layer, made of corrugated concrete is actually a membrane - not a shell - because of the nature of its efforts, supported only laterally, resting on the square's structure. Its surface has gained a protective layer for waterproofing without prejudice to the desired texture.

Implanted in a recess of the lot in a situation of independence from all other buildings, its expression is, essentially, from the central squares.

There will be the insertion of natural, luminous and painting-related elements guaranteeing the scenic effect of the deep universe. Its basic function is the overall protection of the assembly in terms of tightness and thermal control as its equipment is extremely sensitive.

Between both layers there will be an accessible void through which the infrastructure for the facilities and their conservation will be distributed.

The access to its interior will be through the walkway that connects all the buildings of the ensemble as well as the low square that associates the theater with the Institute of Theoretical Physics of which it is an integral part.


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